About Us

Who We Are

We are an attractive company affiliated with like minded individuals who are honest, forward thinking, professional, productive, financially responsible, integrity powered leaders committed to the success of the people we serve. 

What We Believe

Our philosophy about activity and our attitude about hard work will affect the quality of our lives. What we decide about the rightful ratio of labour to rest will establish a certain work ethic. That work ethic - our attitude about the amount of labour we are willing to commit to future fortune - will determine how substantial or how meager that fortune turns out to be. 

Our History and Achievements

Originally known as Little Oak Realty, the brokerage was founded in the late 1970's by Don Goertz Sr who was joined by Dirk Klassen. Don Sr bought out Dirk in the early 1990's and Don Jr became the manager of the office. The office became the top office in their category (25 sales associates), for many years in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. In 1992, the office converted from an independent brokerage to a part of the world renown RE/MAX franchise. 

In January 2000, Ray Yenkana, together with Don Jr, purchased the company from Don Sr. The company then grew in the next year to 50+ associates. Following in 2001, RE/MAX Little Oak became the top office in the Fraser Valley in overall production. The office has achieved this esteemed position for nine of the last ten years. We have also been the #1 sales production office in Abbotsford since 2001. 


We have offices in Abbotsford, Mission, Surrey, Fort Langley and Burnaby with approximately 150 sales associates.

Our Enduring Purpose: 

“To provide a positive workplace environment which will encourage persons associated with RE/MAX Little Oak Realty to lead positive and well balanced lifestyles.” 

Our Philosophy 

This sums up some of our Philosophy; 

Enterprise Is Better Than Ease 

If we are involved in a project, how hard should we work at it? How much time should we put in? 

Our philosophy about activity and our attitude about hard work will affect the quality of our lives. What we decide about the rightful ratio of labour to rest will establish a certain work ethic. That work ethic-our attitude about the amount of labor we are willing to commit to future fortune-will determine how substantial or how meager that fortune turns out to be. 

Enterprise is always better than ease. Every time we choose to do less than we could, this error in judgment has an effect on our self-confidence. Repeated every day, we soon find ourselves not only doing less than we should, but also being less than we could. The accumulative effect of this error in judgment can be devastating. 

Fortunately, it is easy to reverse the process! 

Any day we choose, we can develop a new discipline of doing rather than neglecting. Every time we choose action over ease or labor over rest, we develop an increasing level of self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence. In the final analysis, it is how we feel about ourselves that provides the greatest reward from any activity. It is not what we get that makes us valuable, it is what we become in the process of doing that brings value into our lives. It is activity that converts human dreams into human reality, and that conversion from idea into actuality gives us a personal value that can come from no other source. 

So feel free to not only engage in enterprise, but also to enjoy it to its fullest along with all the benefits that are soon to come! 

By Jim Rohn

Our Timeless Values: 

Who We Are 

We are an attractive company affiliated with like minded individuals who are honest, forward thinking, professional, productive, financially responsible integrity powered leaders committed to the success of the people we serve. 

Our Guiding Principles 

What We Know 
  • All persons who contact our company will be treated with dignity and respect 
  • Our income is a measure of the value we bring to the marketplace. 
  • New challenges will arrive as we grow. We will be thankful for these new challenges because they are a testing of our commitment and will ultimately cause us to strengthen.
  • We will attract success by becoming better people. 
  • Our Values are critical to our success. The absence or disregard for our values will result in an unstable and incomplete atmosphere. 
  • We will not always be right...however, we will always strive to do the right thing. 

Our Operational Practices 

What We Do 
  • We employ fun, smart, exciting, competent and extraordinary self-starters. 
  • We work together as a “single” world-class team. This is our competitive edge. 
  • We encourage self-fulfillment through personal development. 
  • We build people up by recognizing their accomplishments. 

We live with unyielding integrity, are impeccable with our word, and are regretless. 

We have a passion for excellence...and an amazing attention to detail. 

We amaze our customers...not just satisfy them. 

We pursue simplicity and recognize that everything can be simplified, eliminated or improved. 

The Promise 

We promise to be true to our enduring purpose, make every possible effort to achieve our future focus and take consistent action in line with our values, guiding principles and operational practices.

RE/MAX Little Oak Management Team

Dedicated and hardworking, we are a management team committed to helping you take your real estate career to the next level of success. We know the real estate industry and we know what it takes to succeed. Our management team is here to provide you with the support you deserve. Whether you need advice regarding a difficult real estate transaction, a new computer program, an idea for a promotional brochure, or you just need a few words of encouragement, we are here to assist you. 

Our team is constantly developing new promotional tools, implementing innovative advertising strategies and introducing the latest in technology to give our sales force the winning edge. 

Great things happen when the best work with the best! 

RE/MAX Values 

Community Involvement

From individual community service of Associates to RE/MAX sponsorship of the Children's Miracle Network, RE/MAX devotes time and dollars to countless charities and local causes. 

Through the generous contributions of the realtors at RE/MAX Little Oak Realty, thousands of dollars from their commissions, each year, are sent to the Children's Hospital of British Columbia. As well, the realtors at RE/MAX Little Oak Realty sponsor many different charities and organizations in Abbotsford throughout any given year. We receive many letters of appreciation!

RE/MAX Little Oak 

Abbotsford, Mission, Fort Langley, Surrey & Burnaby 

The real estate profession has been around a long time, and change comes slowly to the industry. There are many traditional offices operating today, pretty much as they did 30 years ago. You know there is a better way to do business; so do we. 

At our Surrey and Fort Langley Branches, you operate your own business, and you decide how to do that. 

RE/MAX Little Oak Realty understands the most efficient use of your time is not driving to and from the office, but in meeting your clients where it is most convenient for them and yourself. Our systems allow you to do everything you used to do in the office, On The Go. We don't want to fence you in, we want to set you free! 

One of the largest expenses of a traditional real estate brokerage is the extensive and very costly physical office space. This burdensome and unnecessary cost of this space is directly passed on to the agents. By eliminating as much of this needless square footage as possible, we are freeing up funds to invest in software, technology and systems that allow you to do business in the field, where your clients are. Most importantly to you, it helps us to keep your fees as low as possible. 

Being on the go, you may see your colleagues and Broker less often. However, at RE/MAX Little Oak Realty, you will never suffer from isolation. You will find you are more connected than ever before! Your Brokerage and your colleagues will ensure you have constant communication, so you are up-to-date on all relevant information. Through Video Updates from your Broker, feedback from administration on your files, an Associate's helpful explanation of a new legislation, or just photos of your colleagues get-together last weekend, you will always be in the know and connected. 

One of the benefits of RE/MAX Little Oak Realty is our on-going training. We offer training and mentoring at all levels of your real estate career. Our trainers are active sales professionals as we do not believe you can learn from those that cannot do it! The proof is in the results, and those we have trained and mentored are among the best in our Profession. 

RE/MAX Little Oak Realty envisions their new Surrey office location to be at the forefront of leading edge technology to better enable the realtor on the go to do their business in a more efficient manner that has the added benefit of allowing their clients to be better informed of the real estate transaction from start to finish. 

I would like to encourage you to check out all the features of Nuance which is the paperless transaction platform that we use, not only the deal sheets and paperless filing, but the added benefits of Using Realty Nuance that will provide your clients with consistent communication, access to their documents and showing information from any computer. 

If you take the time to use it, it's the real estate business hub that allows you to: 

Manage a multitude of tasks from one central location. 

Be organized, efficient and up-to-date. 

Manage all transaction related documents 

Involve your client in the transaction 

Maintain constant communication 

Provide automatic notifications 

Work efficiently with assistants and teams 

Safely store all your important listings and contracts of purchase & sale – no more boxes or lost files! 

Allows showing feedback direct to your clients to view at anytime 

Forward documents to other parties including lawyers, appraisers, lenders etc. with ease 

Verifiable paper flow trail when used correctly 

Endorsed by the Real Estate Council of BC and other agencies as a proper way to store, file and keep track of your business 

Realty Nuance's fax to email function allows for easy conversion from hard copy to email 

Best of all it is provided free of cost to RE/MAX Little Oak Realtors 

It's time well spent with your clients; reduce the redundancy and start focusing on your business!